I could paste n articles from n sources here about that creep and the gang he’s connected to. Some call it the 1%, I call them the new fascists in neocon clothes. One wonders how so few people could achieve the power to dictate the world’s course to that degree.

And he’s ONLY ONE of them. Beware of the rest….


Some have called me an anti-semite, accusing me of hating the Jews, which is not true at all. I DO hate all those perverted rich power freaks who only have in mind to model the world to their ideal, while killing millions, starting wars, playing chess one against the other so they profit in the end. And, funny, all the Rothschilds, Cohns, Soros and others in the world seem to have something in common…..when they were McCartneys, Smiths or Joneses, people would probably call me an anti-anglophone.

Is the rest of the world too stupid to realize that ? What is it, that keeps the couch potatoes off thinking ? The fight for a Wal-Mart job ? The ugly ass of Miley Cyrus on TV ? We’re enslaving ourselves and make selfies of that, send it to Facebook and dream of friends we will never have.

We are on the brink of a BIG change. And either way – it won’t end good. We have the choice of becoming a human race of brainwashed dumbphonies going over the WW3 cliff or we become conscious of whats happening but apparently can’t stop that drive.

KENfm – the end of democracy

Sorry, in German. It’s simply impossible to find an equivalent in the anglophone media. It seems that the anglophone regions have their own way of reasoning which doesn’t allow other views to published.

Or am I wrong ?

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