Jim Bakoume is a Cameroonian social entrepreneur and founder of Splufic Studio. The young entrepreneur is creating solutions that solve communal challenges with his innovations. He makes sure that his business solutions are as humanly friendly as possible. It is this spirit that  the entrepreneur ventured into technology, to make his business venture a successful one.

Jim Bakoume’s Motivations

As a tech entrepreneur, Bakoume says he chose the technology industry because of specialized skills needed in his country. This encouraged him to meet his clients’ needs for great digital experiences that transform businesses and resonate with their customers. From this insight, he created Splufic to offer a solution for businesses that sought diverse digital solutions.

The Cameroonian Social En
Jim Bakoume’s motivations

Bakoume’s passion is to go beyond designing and developing digital experience. He wants to take most of his time on things that interest his clients, explore what influences their choices and overcome the social challenges of giving services. He added that they have thought of developing impact solutions using virtual incubation platform for startups that will be working with Splufic’s team to help them in giving out an effective final product that meets their original goal.

How Splufic Studio is Providing Solutions

Splufic Studio is a forward-thinking platform that aims at designing digital experience that gives people a preferential treatment. Bakoume who has background knowledge in mobile application and web design is on the verge of making his venture a successful one. As such, he does this by ensuring that his business solution is human-friendly.

 Splufic Studio is providing Solutions
Splufic Studio is providing Solutions

The main goal of Splufic is working for the interests their customers and explore what influences their choices.  “We have also looked at creating impactful solutions through virtual incubation spaces for startups that will be working with our teams to assist them in delivering effective end products that meet their original objectives,” he said.

Bakoume’s Thoughts on Social Entrepreneurs

According to Bakoume, a social entrepreneur’s purpose is to invest in and cultivate a society and further create social value. This demonstrates his interest and consideration about current and evolving social issues that need a solution. When it comes to business, Bakoume acknowledges there are hindrances that keep social entrepreneurs from succeeding. For instance, the inability of an entrepreneur to plan accordingly will definitely be bad for the business. Furthermore, an entrepreneur who is not purpose-driven and lacks  commitment for the plans of the desired business will not go a long way.

Bakoume’s thoughts on social entrepreneurs
Bakoume’s thoughts on social entrepreneurs

However, Bakoume adds that success is attributed to hard work. This he says, is the backbone of his success towards incorporating the principles of innovation to galvanize the development of his community. He equally stressed on the importance of striking a balance between income and impact. He explained that balance is achieved when the recognized culture of the business is properly introduced and orientated.  

The valuable contribution of this social entrepreneur is indeed an inspiration to Cameroonians and Africans in general. It is equally a call for young entrepreneurs to be fearless in the pursuit of their dreams. Just like Bakoume, they must step out of their comfort zones and follow their dreams of being a relentless entrepreneur.  That is, a Social Entrepreneur who is creating solutions.



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