Rofur Mbunkur is one of Cameroon’s leading urban snails farmer. This all round entrepreneur is absolutely revolutionalising the concept of snail consumption and farming in Cameroon.

The snails farmer disclosed to AfroHustler his vision of growing snails on a large scale, branding, packaging and distributing to sustain the consistent upping demand.

This urban farmer runs his snails farm in the economic capital city of Douala- nearness to a huge ready market. He and his workers ensure on a daily basis that these crawlers are well fed and that sanitary condition is strictly observed.

Snails, locally known as ‘Nyama ngoro’ or ‘Congo meat’ in the Cameroons is a delicacy loved by many. In addition, snail serves as a means of livelihood to most families who retail it but fail to look at the bigger picture of building scalable and sustainable businesses around this protein source.

The customary method of harvesting this renewable source of food and livelihood threatens their very existence as just a few Cameroonian farmers dare to grow snails for commercial purpose.

Most snail dealers are concerned with the sales they make from their harvest whereas forgetting to know that overexploitation can lead to severe scarcity. Some of these dealers go about harvesting premature snail without considerations.

Fortunately enough the Urban Farmers Association which embodies a group of stellar minded urban farmers like Rofur has come together to foster snail farming in Cameroon.

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The UFA team visited MOYUKA in the southwest region for the site survey.. SNAIL FARM setup project loading.This is the first step in the setup process…Contact us now if your interested in snail farming.. The breeding season is the best time to start.. Now is that season.. We are going to share our expertise with you for FREE…Call/ whatsapp us on +237 677875662 or email : #snailsfarming #livingahealthylife #food #africancusine #africanculture #cameroonfood #snails #goodfood #snailsfarming #nutrition #nicefood #richinprotein #protein #deliciousmeal #delicious #richincalcium #calcium #properlygrown #supergood #superhealthy #fitness #weightloss #fitnessmeat #UrbanFarmer #rofurmotivates #snailery #construction

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The health benefits of consuming snails have triggered the demand for this protein source dramatically. Fortunately, this highly sought after entrepreneur sees a credible market for snails out there and beyond.

The Urban Farmers Association is doing an incredible job to skyrocket the quantity of snail sent forth to the market to meet ever increasing demand. But for this industry to grow more Cameroonian farmers must start looking forward to growing snails at a larger scale as Rufor Mbunkur is currently doing.

If you are a lover of this delicacy, then contact these urban snail farmers and place your order.

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