Opportunity has a sly habit of slipping in by the back door in the form of disappointment. The recent internet outage in Anglophone Cameroon has recorded quite a number of innovations in the silicon mountain community. Developers have begun to think out of the box building products that don’t require the internet to function. Zoomed “SMS Car Tracking App” which is a fruit of the internet shutdown in English Cameroon. Zoomed is a car tracking app that uses just an SMS to track the location of cars without the internet.

Zuo Bruno, Cameroons ethical offensive hacker was challenged with the recent internet outage. He had already spent enormous time developing a car tracking application to support car owners and the automobile industry. Initially, his aim was to build an app that will function with the use of the internet, but unfortunately, his intentions were threatened with the internet outage. So he decided to switch from an app which will function via the internet, to one which functions with the use of SMS.

Bruno began trying different ways of how to adapt his innovation to fully work on the SMS platform. Behold, after sleepless nights of writing codes and scripts he found a way forward. His imagination and dream came through. He finally developed a car tracking app that exclusively works without the internet.  With this app, you can track your car from any location on the planet via SMS. The creation of this incredible app shows a possibility, that more technology products that require zero internet shall spring up.

How the App Works.

In order for it to work, an MT3336 GPS Chip which has been programmed with a sensitivity of -159dBm has to be installed in a car.  It allows for GPS signals to be received even in the remotest parts of the planet. To track the location of the car, you simply call your car and it will drop the call after two rings and reply with an SMS showing the current Location, speed and car direction.

The app comes with other features such as:


This gps car tracking app lately got a paying client Mr Bisong Kevin- a young businessman who owns a fleet of commercial vehicles. Bisong has a set of dishonest drivers who always play over his intelligence when it comes to respecting policies and balancing daily revenue. Ever since he installed this app in his cars, his daily revenue has increased as the drivers cannot lie anymore. The app monitors their every move via SMS.

Bisong shows gratitude as  sms car tracking App effectively helps him manage his assets saving him from all the losses due to dishonest drivers.

Necessity has always been the mother of invention. Zoomed is a blessing to car owners and the automobile industry in general. This app will go a long way to foster security and management of automobiles. There’s no hideout for people who are fond of stealing cars.

For more information go to zuoix.com

Call: 243807560/676376624


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