SmartFinance Partners with SiQueries to Empower Financial Institution in Africa. SmartFinance fortifies its solutions with SiQueries to provide business Intelligence services to the financial institutions in Africa. This partnership will enable this Fintech solution provider to offer data analytical and interpretation services to financial institutions via SiQueries. Hence, this partnership will create an opportunity for microfinances to have an easy access to business intelligence, to predict loan repayment and creditworthiness of clients in an effort to reduce loan delinquency.

SiQueries is a data analytical company that provide a data-driven insight to businesses and helping them grow and make firm decisions via data. This company helps businesses to query, analyse and interpret business data such as sales records, financial transaction and forecast profit and loss. The SiQueries platform is user-friendly as it permits customers with zero IT background to simply use their mouse to drag and drop data for processing.

SmartFinance is a proud product of Skylabase which is a test driving digital innovative platform that is built to end poverty in Africa.  SmartFinance enables retail banking institutions like microfinance, SACCOS, Credit unions, Village Lending and Saving groups, and Njangi or peers lending homes to effectively manage their clients or members. This further helps them to carry out distant and mobile banking from home.

  • This partnership will improve customer experience in the financial sector in the following ways:
  • Interpreting financial reports into a graphical representation for better decision making.
  • Interpretation financial transactions to discover fraudulent transactions.
  • To forecast profit and loss.
  • To forecast service rollouts so as to predict customer acceptance rate and product adoption.

Bussiness in Africa is experiencing an uplift due to all the innovations triggered by the contemporary technologies. The financial sector is always the backbone of economies and data analytics/ business intelligence has to support these institutions stay afloat. SmartFinance is a leading financial platform which aims to bring digital banking and retail banking to every layman in Africa and as a consequent alleviate poverty in Africa.

SiQueries helps businesses in Africa grow via data. Gone at those days when business owners paid more interest just to profit disregarding business data. Better still, the data your business produce is the future of your business. learn to make use of your business data via SiQueries platform. Take a free trial here!






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