Small size enterprise managers have been found guilty of abandoning high-value data in spreadsheets which when analysed will give the business greater insight about its activities. It’s high time small business owners stop losing money. Some of these managers lack the necessary skills of data analytics and interpretation. Fortunately, we are in a digital era where there are lots of companies offering data analytical solutions such as SiQueries.

SiQueries is a data analytical/ Business intelligent company that is ready to solve the data analytical issues of every small and medium size enterprise in Africa. This business intelligent company connects all your databases, cloud services and in seconds you can start exploring your data using drag & drop or writing your own SQL queries. Moreover, this platform also predicts and forecast sales, revenue and others to enable businesses to make firm decisions


In this contemporary business era, data is the new gold. Businesses have a luxury of data in the form of sales records, cash flow, customer database etc and we store them in ledgers stockpiled in shelves wrestling with rats and cockroaches in our offices. It’s high time we look forward and move in the direction of  recent technological trends. Small and medium size managers continuously face problems of implementing a business intelligent system and processing data to enable appropriate decision making.

We all can attest to the fact that, so many small businesses in Africa have a limited life span and worst still, some fail from the time of inception. When they are created they manage to pull on for some time and later go down to the drain. Have you ever border to ask questions about this sudden failure?  Let’s adhere to this, a business needs strict accountability and data management to  stay afloat.


The big corporate giant such as MTN stays afloat not by magic. Small businesses could do better if they start making use of their data. Its true businesses must understand recent market trends to stay competitive in marketplaces. We have tons of data from sales, revenue and customer database. Most businesses are ignorant how such information could help them in decision making and strategy formulation if they are analysed and interpreted.

Once you have customers, data helps you understand what they really want. When you develop a customer base, data is an asset in helping you understand and refine your product and grow your offering. Data shows you where your users are coming from and what they’re finding either difficult or engaging about your product.

All who wander are not lost. As for you small size business managers, why not try Siqueries, and experience the importance of analysing your company’s data on the Siqueries platform here


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