E-commerce is a really great way to get what you need from anywhere in the world but discovering just what you need to purchase offline has remained an issue to contend with. You need a particular product but you don’t know exactly where you have to go get it. It’s even more difficult moving from one store to the next just to discover what you need is actually a couple of blocks away. Shoppote makes it easier for you to discover your product’s location just when you need it the most.

There could always be a better way of getting what you really want to buy without having to move in and out of every store in your neighborhood. As innovation has never failed mankind, there’s always room for new ideas to encroach and solve societal loopholes.

However, the African retail market is jam-packed with economic transactions taking place through informal channels. The retail market has huge opportunities and problems that must be solved in the offline retail sector.

Despite the influx of shopping centers, it’s still hard to know exactly what is available around you to buy and this is probably because of broken links in local information.

The offline-online gap is continuously on the increase and local businesses are still not able to leverage the power of current online platforms to boost their sales.

Local shopping is still not social; lacking the potential for people to share shopping discoveries with friends.

The solution is tied to establishing platforms that people could use to know where, when and how they can gain access to their most sought after products with little or no stress. The urge to make such a dream come true led to the birth of the first local shopping app, Shoppote.

                Shoppote connects you to your favourite product hotspots

Shoppote is a Cameroon-based startup created in 2016 by an innovative group of trio techpreneurs (Etang Egbe, Cedrick Tandong and Wilkins Abane) with the aim of helping local product hunters easily discover products from stores around them through an app -Shoppote. This app also helps businesses with a credible online presence and provides them a platform to reach out to new customers through different marketing channels and hyper local exposure.

The app equally has a feature called ‘Nearby Store’ that helps users locate the best places to shop for everything electronics, near to them. The ‘Nearby’ feature shows users the name, location and distance of a store around them that certainly sells a product of interest based on the inventory of that store.

This means ‘Nearby’ intelligently curates and stores inventory to suggest the right store selling the product the user needs at the most affordable price. Nearby comes with a search option that allows users to look up specific products based on their choice. The Nearby feature ultimately helps the users decide What, Where and How to purchase a product while shopping for electronic products.

The company’s chief co-founder, Etang Egbe believes hyper local has a huge market potential for local businesses and startups. “We believe this feature will change the way people do shopping. There’s no equivalent in the industry.”

Shoppote is currently focused on serving a particular segment of the retail market, serving strictly electronic shoppers of devices like smartphones, smart-watches, fidget spinners, TV, consoles, accessories, laptops, tablets, etc.

The big question now is, will the offline retail market outrun or probably, catches up with E-commerce as the new form of marketing?

The application is currently available on the Google Play Store for free download.

For more information about Shoppote and support, contact them on:

Facebook: Shoppote

Twitter: @shoppote

Instagram: Shoppote


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