There are many different techniques we can utilize in business to improve our customers’ experience. Some techniques are obvious, such as providing discounts and creating fun and engaging marketing campaigns. Many businesses have managed to improve sales considerably simply by offering a Groupon promo code for their products in order to attract more customers.

Others, however, are not so obvious but are just as important. One such technique is to utilize shopper’s psychology. You can guarantee that retailers in Cape Town’s Greenmarket Square or the Yaya Centre in Nairobi, for example, will use this psychological technique.

Shopper’s psychology is the process by which businesses use certain things (objects, sounds, smells, processes, etc.) to prompt certain actions or emotions from customers when entering their store or browsing their website.

Why use shopper’s psychology?

A business can tailor their products, services, stores, and marketing to play on shopper’s psychology and to subconsciously improve their customers experience and have a greater chance of making a sale.

As you will see in the infographic below, there are many examples of shopper’s psychology. One basic example is what people remember. Studies show that we remember only 10% of what we hear, as opposed to 80% of things we see or do. A business could use this psychological trait to its advantage, and provide a predominantly visual experience for its customers.

Another example is how 60% of African consumers say they are more likely to purchase a product if it has the word “guaranteed” in the description. This simple word creates a subconscious bond of trust in our mind without us even realising it. A business could again use this to its advantage and include certain keywords in product descriptions to improve sales and to evoke certain emotions from its customers.

These are just a few small examples but there are hundreds more such as colors, use of signage, smells, and even music. Whilst smaller businesses in local villages may not employ these tactics, you can guarantee that in bigger cities such as Johannesburg, Harare, and Lagos.

Furthermore, African e-commerce stores such as Zando and Konga will have teams of developers working on psychological factors of their websites.

How can shopper


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