The announcement of this supposed recruitment is currently circulating on the web.

It is an information that relays the daily Le Jour edition of 18 August 2016. Some individuals on social networks make others believe in a recruitment announced by the company SA. Their goal is to extort money. The newspaper that addressed this fact relates that there are  always people who unfortunately fall for it.

Below is the conversation, a certain Christelle Claudia Dongmo Assongo’o had with the perpetrators of this scam:

It was on Thursday, 11 August 2016. For reassurance, she contacted Eneo seeking clarification on recruitment which was detailed to her by these individuals. “I received via  Whatsapp a job of Eneo. I rushed to apply because I was desperate to be part of the dynamic team that will work to make energy available all over the country, “she said in her correspondence.

When I applied, I got a reply telling me that my file was retained for testing and sending me to register in the website pending activation test of Eneo from the 17th of this month, “she said.

It is from there that her suspicions were born.

After I registered they sent me a form as an attachment, in which was mention the activation fee for the test and for other courses to go before the day of the test,” she wrote.

Having good reflexes, the young woman contacted the company to ensure the legality and authenticity of the offer.

The company then replied to confirm her doubts and realized that this is indeed a scam. One of the essential details of Eneo is that the company that has its recruitment process, never asks for money from people like in the case of the alleged scammers.

Apparently, new innovation for scams keep popping up day by day. The US Embassy has published a good number articles on how to avoid Cameroonian scams, now Afro Hustler is bringing to your awareness this post, to keep you from this “Fake ENEO Hiring” Scam.




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