We now live in a digital age where Laptops  and smartphones have become part of our daily lives. Whether you’re a few feet from an outlet or flying at 38,000 feet without a plug in sight, you shouldn’t have to worry about your running out of juice.

It’s evident that we have so much work to be done with the use of laptops and we sometimes run short of power or laptop’s battery run down so quick in an inverse relation to the task. There are a lot of things laptop users can do to squeeze more hours out of a charge.

Here’s how to make your Window’s 10 laptop battery last longer on a charge.

  • Decrease the Screen Brightness, extra brightness wastes a lot of potential battery life.
  • Activate Battery Saver Mode
  • Always set your laptop to put itself to sleep when you’re not using it.
  • Upgrade to an SSD (solid-state drive) because  an SSD takes less power than an HDD (hard disk drive. In addition, because an SSD lacks moving parts which make it faster and consume less power.
  • Change Wi-Fi networks. A Wi-Fi network with high Internet speed can save your laptop’s battery life
  • Turn off backlit keyboards because they are huge battery suckers.
  • Use a high-contrast theme though they’re not pretty, but Windows 10’s high-contrast themes can save some energy.
  • Turn on airplane Mode. Airplane mode will shut off your Windows 10 laptop’s wireless radios, which will disable Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. It’s a quick way to save some electricity.
  • Remove peripherals such as hard drives and discs. When you disconnect all of your extras it will save a little juice.
  • Limit Background Programs if there’s any app running automatically in the background that you don’t need. Click Disable to remove it from the list.

There are little tips we ignore or we don’t know about which can significantly help us save more battery life when effectively applied. The above tips will definitely enhance users experience in relation to windows 10 on laptops. Therefore windows 10 users should make great use of this and should follow this link to know more

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