In their characteristic air of always doing things in a spectacular and unique manner, the Sasse Old Boys, as they are fondly called have embarked on a very ambitious initiative of starting a Cooperative Credit Union which shall be called SOBACCUL. This initiative is aimed at helping not only SOBANS but every strata of the society.

The decision of creating a Credit Union was the brainchild of the National Exco under the chairmanship of Prof. Angwafor and it is greatly regarded as a panacea for investment and employment which everyone should take advantage of. There shall therefore be set a delegation which will be charged with mobilization and sensitization of SOBANS globally to take up shares before it becomes open for other members of the society, including other moral persons like schools. This is to ensure that the Credit Union remains truly representative of SOBA. As at now, Buea, Kumba, Nigeria and the UK have been earmarked to be sensitized before the constituent General Assembly which is slated for November, 2016.

The National President of Sasse Old Boys, Prof. Angwafor, has made a clarion call to ex-students from other colleges such as Saker Baptist College, Sacred Heart Mankon, Bishop Rogan College, just to name these few,  to join them in this credible venture as the Credit Union shall be opened to teachers, students, PTA, proprietors, Alumni chapters (National and Diaspora) with hopes of becoming a bank in the next THREE YEARS.

SOBACCUL is already in its advanced state of initiation and has adopted its Articles of Association and opened an account with Union Bank where potential members and shareholders are advised to pay in their FCFA 25,000 registration and FCFA 100,000 per share.

Saint Joseph’s College Sasse is reputed for training personalities who have occupied portfolios both at the national and international scene. This new venture therefore is just an additional steam to the achievements which that alma mater has been able to record so far. Worthy of note and of commendable remark is the unity that exists between and amongst those that leave this iconic institution of learning. Could other institutions emulate this example? It is all left on them to decide. Cudos SOBA!





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