Samsung electronics, the world’s largest manufacturer of mobile phones and smartphones is planning to expand its Smart TV game content offerings. This giant electronic maker has introduced a specialised payment solution called ‘Checkout on TV’ to developers and plans to launch the ‘Just Dance’ gaming application by the end of May.

The Electronic giant has a new market for her payment solution and she is now providing payment solution to only certain partners. However through this new solution, developers will be able to choose a variety of payment methods such as the purchase of items in games, payments on use time and others.

Increasing demand has triggered this game maker to aggressively increase the number of games she offers. The company is currently providing 64 downloadable games and will increase this number to 100 by the end of this year. Its major downloadable games are GameLoft’s Asphalt 8, GluMobile’s Front Line Commando, WeGo Interactive’s Revolt 3 and others.

Samsung plans to increase the number of streaming gaming services as well. It is planning to increase the number of titles for PlayStation Now and GameFly by 300 and 100, respectively. Streaming games such as ‘Just Dance’ are coming by the end of this month. Moreover, Samsung has a broad customer base, and thus she has decided to offer more vivid images to customers without additional costs.

Samsung Electronics is highly known for its superior and outstanding product. As they go with the slogan ‘‘Make Believe’’ their products has proven a track record of satisfying customers expectation. Samsung games will probably satisfy the video game enthusiast and all they need is a game controller and internet connection. Given the ultra-high definition and immensely real picture quality, SUHD TV could quite possibly be the best TV for gaming.


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