Samsung Universal Flash Storage cards (UFS) have recently been launched by Samsung who announced that the world’s first removable UFS memory cards offers storage capacity of either 32, 64, 128, or 256 gigabytes, and an enhanced performance speed that simply leaves older formats by a long margin.

The Samsung Universal Flash Storage cards have sequential read speeds of up to 530 megabytes per second — five times faster than the best microSD cards. That means reading a 5 gigabyte, full HD movie in roughly 10 seconds, says Samsung, compared to a UHS-1 microSD card which manages the same feat in around 50 seconds

The write speeds of these Samsung Universal Flash Storage cards are also significantly improved, with rates of up to 170 MB/s. That’s nearly double the performance of the very fastest microSDs which has write speeds of up to 100 MB/s. Samsung states that all this power is necessary to keep up with the abundance of high-resolution and high definition footage being generated by devices from smart phones to action cams, drones to 360-degree cameras.

While the new Samsung Universal Flash Storage cards standard has appeared as embedded memory in a few devices (notably Samsung’s own Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge), there are no products that yet support the cards as removable storage.

The design of the cards looks alike with the micro SD from the front, but the pin configuration on the back is not yet compatible with current phones. Though these Samsung Universal Flash Storage cards  might be the clear technological successor to formats used in microSD cards, Samsung is yet to announce its availability and price.


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