The ability to compile an informative, enticing and well-written press release is an invaluable asset for any business, given that competition for news space is always fierce when it comes to media coverage. This boils down to the reason why you need to run an annual press release strategy to make it extremely beneficial for your business.

Annual press release strategy tips

  • Identify your objectives for the year. Also use these objectives to create tangible SMART goals.
  • Organize the achievement of these goals with deadlines nicely spread across the year. Think about how you can connect them with national holidays, big discount days, industry events, business seasons and more.
  • Create potential news headlines you would like to see on the press after achieving  each of these goals.
  • Organize these headlines in a calendar. Then share this calendar with other trusted people in your company as your Annual Press Release Calendar.
  • Work hard with your team to make sure you meet each of these goals.
  • Contact Afro Hustler and your other relevant press partners each time you achieve these goals to publish your press release.
  • Announce to your community on social media and other channels that they should join you and the media to celebrate your success in achieving your business goals.

There is just no end to the magic press releases can play in your business’ growth. If you follow these procedures well, and tweak it accordingly, you can be sure to keep your brand fresh and top in the minds of your customers, partners and investors. And of course, attract new customers, partners and investors.

Please, share with us other ways you think small businesses and startups can keep their brands fresh with press releases.  You can also contact us via to publish your press releases on Afro Hustler.

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