Rofur Mbunkur is an all-around entrepreneur who left his corporate job to pursue his dreams to create companies which will, in turn, employ youths. He is a proud founder of four companies. His experiences, principles and point of view are inspirations to young wannabe entrepreneurs in Africa.

The Afro Hustler had a session with Rofur Mbunkur and here are the outcomes.

AH: Who is Rofur Mbunkur?

RM: Rofur Tchifu Mbunkur can simply be referred to as an all-round entrepreneur. As a chartered accountant (ACCA Certified) and an oracle database expert, Rofur Mbunkur has been involved in many different startups in Cameroon. From multinationals like United bank for Africa (UBA Bank Cameroon) to Cameroon Airlines Corporation. He held top financial managerial and strategic positions where he was involved in driving the performance of the business before transiting into a full-time entrepreneur. Rofur Mbunkur is a diehard go getter and would stop at nothing until he achieves his goals.

AH: How many companies have you worked for?

RM: As already mentioned above I have been involved in 2 big companies (UBA Cameroon and CAMAIR-CO) from project phase to go life at very high managerial levels. With over 10 years of working experience, I had the opportunity to manage over 100 employees and directly participated in strategic decisions on driving financial performance. I also had the opportunity to take these companies through the startup phase right up to where activities were stabilised.

AH: Tell us how you climbed the corporate ladder and your achievements?

RM: Climbing up the ladder is quite simple. If you deliver on goals without excuses in a corporate world then the sky is your limit. I managed to quickly understand this and it quickly took me to the top in less than no time. The secret is being efficient and effective at work. I took the time to always understand my deliverables and I would do everything to acquire additional skills that would enable me to deliver on whatever challenges I face well ahead of time.

AH: What triggered you to abandon the corporate sector to pursue entrepreneurship?

RM: The truth is you can never attain financial freedom if you work on a 6 to 6 basis. When I realised this I just decided one morning and abandoned my job. I also had my personal dreams that I wanted to pursue so I had to go for it. And since then things have not been easy but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

AH: We learnt you’re a global entrepreneur who owns four companies: human resource and systems, True works Ltd, RVL Ltd and Urban Farmers Association. Could you please tell us about each of these ventures?

RM: Yes, I am founder and CEO of the above mentioned 4 young companies and trying as much as possible to pull them through from small companies to big establishments.

HR & SYSTEMS LTD. This is my first company created in 2010 but it only started full activities in 2013. HR & SYSTEMS Ltd is a company based in Cameroon and specialised in Human Resource Services, Accountancy, Application development/ Implementation and Project Management. Our high profiled experts have as mission to offer high-quality service in all the various domains both in Cameroon and other parts of Africa. HR & Systems Ltd focuses on innovation and customer satisfaction and ensures that we deliver consistent benefits to our customers. For more info visit

TRUE WORKS LTD, This company offers the below-listed services. TrueWorks Ltd employs a pool of Technical staff properly trained to execute most works for its clients. We have executed many different types of jobs for both small and big companies in Douala including Lamnalco Smit, Euro Oil and many others


RVL GROUP LTD, this company was created to take advantage of the communication and entertainment industry in Cameroon. RVL Group obtained the authorization in 2016 to carry out outdoor publicity from the ministry of communication. It has also launched the biggest online streaming platform in Cameroon NJOKA TV live on for the streaming of Cameroonian movies and other entertainment contents in general. The vision is to start in Cameroon and expand to Africa.

 Urban Farmers Association (UFA) The Urban Farmers Association is a group of individuals based in the urban cities of Cameroon, interested in farming. We intend to use modern technologies and techniques to carry out farming on a large scale. UFA is involved in 3 main activities as follows: ANIMAL FARMS, GREENHOUSE FARMS AND PLANTATION FARMS. Some of our objectives involve;

  • Own farms in rural and urban areas either entirely or by 2 party ownership.
  • Help aspiring member own farm, cultivate and market farm produce after harvesting
  • Package and sell food products both in the local and international markets.
  • Assist its members with modern tools and techniques to farming with the aim of buying all their products after harvesting

UFA now owns the biggest snails farm in Cameroon and we are working hard on developing a proper local market for the packaged snails.

AH: How did you get your idea or concept for these businesses?

RM: Generally, I am an ideas person and a starter.  Most of my concepts are inspired by my society. I try to look at what is missing and I bring up something to fill in the gap. Either bringing something new or doing an old thing from a different angle. I am also passionate about bringing things that would impact the people around me and the society in general.

AH: How do you manage these businesses?

RM: All through my working life I have managed to properly understand time management. I ensure I have weekly meetings with all stakeholders and ensure a timely follow up on deliverables.

AH: As an entrepreneur, what is your prime objective?

RM: My prime objective is to have a successful company with subsidiaries in other countries in the world.

AH: How do you market your products home and abroad?

RM: The internet is now the best tool for marketing. I use online marketing techniques to reach my potential clients. The social media now is a good and affordable tool for marketing which is what I have been able to master since I started my entrepreneurial journey.

AH: What was the major challenge you faced when you entered the league of entrepreneurs and how did you solve these challenges?

RM: The major challenge I faced and which I am still facing is the issue of having a consistent revenue inflow. As a young entrepreneur having an activity that brings in consistent revenue is always a problem. This comes with time as your business gets matured and you have already secured a wide base of consistent clients. This is called the survival stage of business growth. Many small businesses phase out at this stage. So I am still at this stage engaging varied strategies to solve this problem.

AH: Entrepreneurship is a nightmare to some young Cameroonians. What piece of advice can you give to encourage young Cameroonian to go solo?

RM: Most people in the cooperate world find it difficult to go solo because of fear of the unknown and mostly fear of failure. As an entrepreneur, you just hold the bull by the horn and go for what your guts tell you. If you fail you learn from your mistakes and move on. The truth is you will never attain financial freedom if you stay on a 6 to 6 job. You need to quit receiving salaries and start invoicing clients.


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