Users restore their data after resetting their phones to make sure they maintain their valuable information.

Fortunately, to ease the data restore process, there are a handful of apps that come back with their old settings and even saved logins preserved: Pandora, Yahoo Weather, Swarm, WordPress and RunKeeper.

Most others, however, oblige users to re-enter passwords or redo preferences, although some are kind enough to allow them to see the passwords as previously typed instead of masking them with asterisks. The most likely reason for that data not being rescued: These apps were written for older versions of Android and hadn’t been revised with one line of code required to trigger Marshmallow’s automatic backups.

As before, restoring two-step verification — the important security feature that lets you verify an unusual login with a one-time code from your phone — was a minor ordeal.

Two-step systems that send those codes through text messaging were the easiest to redo. But in order to restore two-step protection provided by such apps as Google’s Authenticator, which computes these codes on its own and therefore works even without cell service, you need to confirm your first login on your newly-restored phone in other ways.

Most of the time, you will have to get a login code texted to the phone number you had saved to such accounts as Facebook and Twitter. Yahoo’s Flickr app offered an easier workaround: It becomes easier to login by tapping a button in the Flickr app on your iPad.

Text messages themselves did not get backed up at all. But previous research can allow you to configure a free, open-source app called SMS Backup + to copy your texts into a designated folder in your Gmail account. A reinstalled copy of the app worked as advertised, bringing all your text chats back to your phone.

Your last step is create a backup-and-restore runaround to get the iOS experience: simply your phone into your desktop, drag and drop a few songs from iTunes to your device and you’re ready to go!


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