The New Bell Music diva Reniss is out with a magnificent and must watch video release titled Pilon. This beautiful piece which has been exclusive to Trace Africa for over a week now was released online on May 18th and has received positive remarks on Youtube and social media.

Pilon is a fusion of Cameroonian genre and celebrates woman emancipation and independence, according to 237showbiz. Just like in Calee by Daphne, Pilon has got nostalgic scenes in a boarding school reminding you of the good days back in school.

This outstanding video is the brainchild some stellar minds in the likes Tatapong Beyala writer and director. Le Monstre did an awesome job production wise.

Reniss is a Cameroonian singer and songwriter. At birth, she was christened Kien Rennise Nde. She sings in English, French, Pidgin English, and Ngeumba. The diva became a point of attention in the African music scene after the release of her music video titled “La Sauce” on May 6, 2016.

The “La Sauce” expression has become a buzz phrase with the extension “Dans La Sauce” in the Cameroonian society.

She also has the following videos to her credit: Zelie, Dashiki, Manamuh, etc.

Reniss is in keeping with the traits of a true hustler and deserves to be encouraged. Congratulations for this soul touching and delightful music video.



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