Imagine a situation where the trash in your trash can is being bought by Hysacam with money. People will be bound to clean the streets in their neighborhoods to collect trash and sell to recycling companies in Cameroon.

This will not only reduce the littering problem the country faces but will trigger the creation of more jobs and companies.

“Most African nations are facing this major problem of littering. Cameroon, where I come from, has tried to keep its cities clean but this seems unachievable’’ said James Ako, Environmental scientist.

Many people eat and dispose of waste in the streets without a second thought.

“HysaCam plays a strategic and pivotal role to keep our cities clean and habitable. But her efforts need the people’s collaboration to fully achieve their bottom line” he uttered.

Regardless of the provision of garbage bins across the cities, the people, however, prefer to ignore them and litter the streets. This is a mentality problem which needs dire attention.

Ako knows the essence of a clean environment. He had a wonderful experience back in high school where they had a ‘’no littering culture’’. It was forbidden to dump a piece of paper on campus.

In other parts of Africa, littering is a major crime. In Ghana, citizens are conscious on how they threat the environment. In Accra, if you’re caught littering the city you could end up I prison and levied charges.

James Ako firmly believes that the creation of the recycling industries could help transform our trash and waste into a treasured gold. Recycling companies will buy waste from the community. This will bear forth more entrepreneurs around this sphere.

If trash eventually becomes a commodity, scarcity of waste steps in. This is tempting enough to trigger the unemployed or those who need cash to clean the cities and sell trash to recycling companies. It may sound crazy but it will definitely work in the Cameroonian context.

Notwithstanding, in 2011 Sweden ran out of trash and began importing rubbish from other neighbouring countries to sustain its recycling sector. Cameroon can as well export its waste to countries like Finland and UK.

“However, I’m afraid that, people may become dirt conscious to the point of stealing trash.  But it’s amazing when citizens become trash sensitive and our cities remain clean’’ he opened up to the Afrohustler

“Moreover, if the Cameroon government declares a decree incriminating the act of littering and abusing the hygienic condition of the environment it will decimate littering to an extent’’, He added

The recycling industry could render our cities clean; eventually, create entrepreneurs whose startups shall be solely responsible for the selling of trash. Hence, recycling of waste/trash could become a vibrant industry on its own.


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