1. To Encourage Young Tech Entrepreneurs

The Techcosystem in Cameroon has experienced a whole lot of transformation over the last few years and that is in a positive way. So many young people have invested their time and skill in this sector, in order to create solutions for problems their communities face. Won’t it be a great idea for Zuckerberg to visit Cameroon just to learn more about these great minds. I know you might be tempted to say “they are not the first; it’s being done in other countries” but trust me the struggle here is so so real. Giving the fact that they are all doing this with little or no support from their government.

Makonjo Media at Silicon Mountain Conference 2016

So many amazing startups here which are all unique in their own way. That’s probably one thing Mark Zuckerberg will be moved by. That’s probably the reason why BBC and France 24 decided to come see for themselves and proclaim to the entire world, the great things happening here in Cameroon. Most especially, in a little city in Cameroon, Buea, where searching for a job is almost despicable.

2. To Discover the Vibrant Energy in Silicon Mountain Techosystem

What other places should you want to visit than a little and upcoming Silicon Mountain? Silicon Mountain is an appellation given to and the Buea techosystem. It takes the Mountain acronym from Mount Fako which is the highest point Mountain in West Africa. This Techosystem currently incubates Africa’s youngest tech startups and a growing community of developers and designers as well as the Universities, such as the University of Buea, Catholic University Institute of Buea, Saint Monica University. Some of these startups include Skademy, Skylabase, Feeperfect, Agro-hub, Njorku, etc.

Image result for silicon mountain conference 2016
Bermond Yange, CEO of Colour Fluid giving a Speech during the Silicon Mountain Conference 2016

3. Cameroon is Africa in Miniature

There’s just one country on the African continent which embodies all features found in Africa. It’s a country which when you visit, you know you have toured around the continent. That amazing country is Cameroon (Africa in Miniature). Mark Zuckerberg must be thinking those few animals he saw in Kenya were enough to keep him a lifetime. Trust me he might give a second thought of relocating when he visits Cameroon. Cameroon has 10 regions, of which each of them has amazing touristic features which you can learn about here.

Image result for slave trade market bimbia. visit Cameroon to see this
Slave trade market Bimbia

Oh! I couldn’t help but talk about “FOOD”. Don’t mean to brag but what we have is special. Forget about Nigerian or Ghanian Jollof (kidding). Come have a taste of Eru, Achu, Fufu Corn & Njama Njama, Ekwang, Mbongo Chobi, kwakoko & Mbanga Soup, the list is so long. Moreover, what better place to enjoy your meal than in Silicon Mountain’s favourite restaurant IYA Buea. An environment which will leave your mouth watered, before having a taste of their amazing Cameroonian dishes.

Visit Cameroon to enjoy our beautiful dishes
Photo Credit: Iya Buea

4. To Get an Opportunity to try the Awesome North West Regalia

After that beautiful display at 2016 Rio Olympics who wouldn’t want to visit Cameroon and try out the Torghu. The Torghu is a traditional regalia worn by the people of the North West. This attire is handmade and a lot of detailing goes into it. It doesn’t have pearls of diamonds all over it. But what makes it beautiful is the time taken to carefully and perfectly bring out wonderful designs with the use of a thread on black velvet fabric. The colours of the thread used are mostly those of the Cameroon flag: green, red and yellow.

Image result for north west torghu regalia
Traditional North West Regalia

5. Cameroonians are Hospitable

There’s no country in the world with citizens as welcoming and warm-hearted as Cameroonians. Our hands are always open to welcome anyone who visits or wants to visit Cameroon. That’s why neighbouring countries will always run to us in times of war in their country. Not to talk of Buea – “the town of legendary hospitality” – which harbours the Mt. Fako, and Silicon Mountain.

Image result for visit Cameroon.
Reunification monument, Buea.

Everyone should at this juncture, agree with me that we have everything it takes to get the best investors and of course welcome Tech giants. So why should Mark Zuckerberg and the rest not visit Cameroon?

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