The thought of experiencing a business failure is one thing young entrepreneurs minimize when starting up a business. Research has shown that about one-fifth of small business startups fail in the first year, about half of all employer establishments fail within five years and only about one third survive ten years or more.

The tips below will help you to prevent any business failure. Follow them keenly.

Create a business plan

Just as penning down every household needs is to a woman, business plan is important to every business person. A strong business plan is a vital outline for business success. The business plan details the path by which a company intends to bring in its revenues. Winston Churchill articulated this when he said “He who fails to plan is planning to fail.”

The business plan  serves as a guide to every company. To an extent, it is the tool you need to succeed. If you are finding it difficult to pen it down due to your tide schedule, you can employ someone to do it for you.

Learn to manage cash

It is obvious to say that many startup businesses still struggle with cash management. Money is something that is difficult to get but easy to spend. When a company fails to control or be conscious of how its money is being spent, the company might crumble in no time. A startup company must do what it can to generate revenue while limiting expenses at the same time.    

Focus on your business priority

Your reason for starting up a  business might be one of your business successful key. However, this same reason can lead to your business failure if you are not careful. In order to be a successful business person, the purpose of your business, should be your number one priority.

Know your primary reason for starting up your business and focus on it. Many companies have crumbled due to the fact that they have taken off their eyes on the reason why they started their business, while some have made it less of their priority.

Know the value of branding

The power of branding is one of the things most entrepreneurs and companies do underestimate. The absence of branding has caused most companies to experience limitation and failure.

4 Ways you can avoid business failure as an entrepreneur


The only thing that can separate you and your competitor is your brand. It will be wise for you not to underestimate the importance of a business name, persona and identity. Try to tweak and improve your brand and make sure your customers are aware of it. You can make use of the social media to ease your work.

A little negligence can actually bring down your business. You can save your business by putting these four tips in to continuous practice.

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