On July 17, 2016, sixteen persons, including a student, a blind man and the owner of the restaurant, were arrested and kept in detention for holding an SCNC meeting and were accused of planning an insurrection.

The story goes that there were 15 persons eating at a restaurant behind BICEC building in Molyko at Mr. Clean Foods Restaurant. These persons did not come there together.  Up until now, many of them don’t know each other.

“…at about 11-1 p.m. I was seated at Mr. Clean Foods Restaurant in Molyko – Buea to share a meal with some friends. Just before we were seated, the security forces walked in. They collected our identification cards, took down our names and asked us to enter the Police bus.

“No explanations were given and upon arriving the Buea Central Police station, all our cell phones were seized and our personal belongings searched and we were instructed to remove our belts,” Said Nyah N. Check, one of the detainees.

Everyone in the restaurant, including the restaurant owner, a blind client and the chief of Bangem who were there eating were rounded up, put in a police bus and accused of holding SCNC meetings that can lead to insurrection.
The case reached the state council a few days after. Since there were no proofs, the accusation has been changed to “PLANNING TO HOLD AN ILLEGAL MEETING THAT CAN QUESTION THE INTEGRITY OF THE STATE AS THE MEETING COULD RESULT TO SECESSION AND INSURRECTION”.

Their first court hearing was slated for  Tuesday at 8:30 a.m. at the Buea court premises. That didn’t happen. The court hearing was then postponed to Wednesday as the judge was not available.

In the early hours of Wednesday 27, July 2016, many young people, especially those from the tech community were seen in and around the court to learn the reason(s) for the arrest and detention of two of their community members; Nyah Check and Isaac Kamga.

As of now, the hearing has been adjourned to the 12th of August 2016 and bail was reprimanded.


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