Cape Town-based ReAble is launching a new technology that will include everyone, even uneducated persons to be part of the financial sector.

This according to Emile Sawaya, CEO of ReAble, is a startup that designs tools and apps to empower people with special needs.This new technology will be launched at the ReAble Playground Event which will be hosted at the Barclays Rise office building in Woodstock Cape Town this Saturday, 25 June.

The special needs community is invited to attend the event to discuss the issues faced by this community around their financial independence. Intellectually challenged individuals can expect a day of fun and games to learn about financial literacy.

ReAble’s current technology is aimed at providing financial accessibility to a targeted customer base of about 200 million individuals worldwide. The company’s first product, the ReAble Pay Platform, is a money management application.

“This educational app is a dream come true for many parents whose children will be able to manage their finances independently for the first time while guardians can monitor expenditure and progress from home,” said Sawaya.

The application allows individuals to manage their day-to-day finances and budgeting in a simple and easy-to-use manner.It notifies guardians of all transactions.“Our aim is to empower a very marginalised community of intellectually disabled individuals,” said Sawaya.

According to Sawaya, banking worldwide is in dire need of upliftment and changes to their infrastructure to be more inclusive. “Individuals are currently forced to rely on friends and family to manage their day-to-day spending and finances, he said.

This population of millions is being excluded because banks have difficulty in accommodating them,” he added.
Sawaya further said that ReAble is about empowering the disabled community by truly understanding their financial needs. “We believe that you are able to do whatever you put your mind to,” he added.

To know more about the application, visit the site.

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