The CEO of Bonaventure&Co  Mr. Bonie Fon was the next keynote speaker to mount the stage presenting on ” Raising capital for your project with Bonaventure&Co”.  In his address, he  emphasized that young people should  be job creators and not job seekers.  ” We are here to give liquid Nitrogen to those who have a project”, he said.

Bonaventure& Co is an independent, privately held Investment Banking and Financial Advisory firm established to cater for the complex financing needs of African entrepreneurs, companies, government agencies and high net worth individuals.

They are specially equipped to advise clients in any African country taking into consideration the socio-economic and geopolitical contexts in which they exist and operate.

Bonaventure & Co is a relationship firm, whose aim is to forge lasting partnerships with clients and investors by creating a fair advantage for their benefit. This is achieved through the provision of sound recommendations, unparalleled access to investment capital, management support, wealth management and value investing strategies based on an intimate understanding of clients’ needs, proprietary research, and our expertise.

Mr. Bonie mentioned that when starting a business there are usually three questions which you ask yourself:

  • How am I going to finance my Idea
  • How am I going to finance my Business
  • How am I going to finance my Company?

When looking for funds to fund your business, the first people entrepreneurs should ask for funds from are their friends, family, and Fools (the 3Fs). You shouldn’t go looking for funds outside when you have not exhausted your inner circle. No one is going to give you money if the people around you don’t trust your Idea”, he stated.

Also, he mentioned that entrepreneurs need to assess their Cash and Assets to know their net worth. When you must have exhausted all of these, you could then seek for finance from elsewhere. This could be classified under Credit/Debt Finance and Equity Finance.

He concluded with the words ‘If your Dreams don’t Scare you, then you are not Dreaming enough’ and entrepreneurs must learn how to raise capital for their projects.



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