As I sit this night, lost in thoughts of what might be the next trailblazer step I will take that will skyrocket myself, vision and organization to the next level, I realize thinking has never solved any problem. Human life is filled with tales of happiness today and sorrow tomorrow. Bottom line is, we don’t have a choice but to embrace the challenges life throws at us. My journey towards becoming an entrepreneur is one filled with so many unforeseen challenges, opportunities, and open doors.

Though a novice in the field of entrepreneurship, I can say making that decision came with a bag full of surprises or should I say, a full package.

How I Swallowed Insults, Quit my Job and Started a Health Organization
Cynthia Adanze giving a TV talk to women 

I still remember the day I decided to quit my previous workplace. I had been part of a wonderful idea from conception and saw how it grew and rose to become a household name. The days we spent moving from offices to schools to investors, trying to sell our ideas. Those three years are still very fresh in my mind because they prepared me for the challenges I was going to encounter as an entrepreneur.

Quitting to create a health organization

Why I quit isn’t important but why I started the organization I run today was one of the toughest but worthwhile decisions I had to take.

Quitting was very difficult I must say. Many called me stupid for leaving when things were beginning to flourish. The insults and mockery were unending but I was determined to move on. I didn’t immediately begin my startup thereafter but volunteered in another brilliant and rising organization. As though fate was passing on a message, not long I had to quit yet again and take a break for reasons best known to me. This time around, leadership was knocking right at my door, screaming for me to let it in. At the time all those around me seemed to hear the knock except me.

After all the disappointments, I still remember that fateful day in August 2017, in the hostel alongside my two co-founders when the idea of Integrated Health Organization (IHO) was born. We started IHO as a Public Health organization aimed at improving the well-being of community members.

How I Swallowed Insults, Quit my Job and Started a Health Organization

This was a feeling I can’t describe but it felt right. It felt good and then I knew this was the reason I couldn’t be anyone else but an entrepreneur.

The journey so far has been one filled with so many twists and turns, both planned and unplanned. One year and I look back to realize that being an entrepreneur is a decision I will gladly take over and over again.

The reality of running a health startup

Having to run a startup is one of the most interesting and annoying jobs I’ve ever had to do (smiles). To be honest, I went in thinking it will be a fun-filled experience. But the truth is, it has been more of a learning ground for me. I’ve learned to sell my idea to people who have no clue about what you do or believe in.

The experiences I have gathered are uncountable. Putting smiles on the faces of people is more fulfilling than a bag of gold. We have brilliant, life-changing activities but getting the funds for them has been one of our biggest challenges so far. The current socio-political instability in the South West region has also adversely affected the work of our organization. Nonetheless, we continue to do what we love best; inspiring better health to those we come across.

Life is a choice, make yours and ignore the noise.

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