PWD, Dynamic and NQSA of Limbe are all closer to relegation in the Regional championship after 16 games of play. As we speak, Feutcheu and Stade Renard have made it to League One, but the bone of contention is which of these two teams will come back home with the trophy? This could be clearly seen as both clubs work relentlessly,  Feutcheu FC has 57pts while Stade Renard has 56pts plus two matches in hand.

The PWD of Bamenda typically known as ”The Abakwa Boys” has failed to put smiles on the faces of supporters and fans as they  have recorded just 2 victories, 8 draws and 5 defeats in 15 games. According to reports, the club is believed to have turned its attention to its academy, thereby using only players in its football academy.

Notwithstanding, Dynamic the pride of Buea has recorded 15 goals in 16 games and currently occupies the 15th position after registering 3 victories, 6 draws and suffering 7 defeats in 16 games. Since making their way to the League Two championship few years ago, the Buea-based team has been battling relegation each year.

Undivided attention will be devoted to NQSA of Limbe, this club was relegated last year from Division One to Division Two and has had a track record of failure   throughout the first round. Just 2 points in 16 games, they are first from the bottom and have recorded two draws and 14 defeats.

However, football is a game of competence and hard work. NQSA of Limbe and the anglophone clubs should not feel discouraged but should triple their efforts so as to resurface in the upcoming games.

Unofficial Classification of Clubs

No   Clubs                                  Points         Games

1 -Feutcheu FC                                32                   16

2 -Stade Renard de Melong           28                  16

3 -AS Matelots                                  27                     16

4 -Ngaoundere Univ. FC                 26                    15

5 -Colombe du Dja et Lobo             26                     16

6 -Fovu de Baham                             25                     16

7 -AS Fortuna                                      23                      16

8 -National Polytechnic                     22                      16

9 -Panthère Security de Garoua          22                    16

10 -Renaissance de Ngoumou             22                    16

11 -Douala AC                                         20                      16

12 -AS Etoa Meki                                   19                       15

13 -Tonnerre de Yaoundé                     18                     15

14 -Dynamo de Douala                         17                      16

15 -Dynamic of Buéa                            15                       16

16 -PWD Bamenda                                 14                       15

17 -Njalla Quan SA                                   2                        16






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