Consuming Pringles and thinking it’s potato chips, Sorry! Manufacturer Procter & Gamble stated that the potato content of their Pringles is very low and that they are technically not even potato chips. They are made from potato flour, corn flour, wheat starch and rice flour. All these together with fat and emulsifier, salt and seasoning, with a potato content of about 42%.

After being mixed into a dough, it is put onto a conveyor belt where it is pressed into molds which give them the curve so that they can fit nicely into each other. The molds go through boiling oil and after they are then blow dried, sprayed with a flavor. They are then turned onto a slow moving conveyor belt so that they can stack on each other. After this, they are put into the cans and then into the shops and your mouths.

Why then do Pringles Give you Cancer?

When carbohydrate foods are cooked at very high temperatures (be it baked, fried, toasted or roasted) a neurotoxic chemical is formed. This chemical known as Acrylamide, is made when the food is heated to produce a dry and brown/yellow surface. So many foods that are cooked at temperatures over 212F may contain acrylamide.
You can find these in fried potato foods, roasted foods, french fries and chips. Also bread crusts, grains, crispbreads, breakfast cereals that have been roasted and other processed snacks.
Coffee, roasted coffee beans and also ground coffee powder and chicory coffee has at least twice as much more acrylamide than real coffee.

When the manufacturers say that the baked variety of potato chips are healthier then think again. Acrylamide is formed when foods are baked as well as fried or broiled and are 3 times higher than the normal chips.
Baking processed potatoes are one of the worst ways to cook them so remember that all potato chips contain acrylamide whether they are baked or not.

How much acrylamide are you consuming?

The limit for acrylamide in drinking water is 0.5 per billion and a six ounce serving of french fries contain around 60 micrograms of acrylamide so this is 5 HUNDRED times over the limit.

You might need to start checking your consumption rate of Pringles.

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