The Head of the Roman Catholic church, Pope Francis, has for the first time met with a bunch of creators for the purpose of promoting empathy. The Roman Catholic Church believes that empathy is a function of the virtue of charity by which a person enters into another’s feelings, needs, and sufferings.

Pope Francis is a holy Icon who always promotes peace and equality. His holiness created the Sholas which is an International Organization of Pontifical Right approved and raised by Pope Francis at the Vatican City on August 13, 2013. It connects technology with arts and sports in order to promote social integration and the culture of encounter for peace.

YouTube has 11 creators from 10 different countries around the world, and have 27 million subscribers .These 11 creators, Louise Pentland of the UK, Lucas Castel of Argentina, Matemática Río of Brazil, Hayla Ghazal of the United Arab Emirates, Dulce Candy of the US, Matthew Patrick of the US, Jamie and Nikki of Australia and Sudan/Egypt, Greta Menchi of Italy, Los Polinesios of Mexico and anna RF of Israel, met with the pope to discuss gender equality, loneliness, diversity, immigrant rights and other topics.

The pope is doing a marvelous work by thinking of such a platform to promote empathy as this will empower people to come to YouTube to tell stories and form connections that encourage empathy and understanding between diverse communities.

It should be noted that Pope Francis is one of the world leaders who understands the power of the social media and he is making great use of it. He is a man loved by almost everyone who comes close to him. So if he can’t reach everybody in person, he is convinced that youtube will very much facilitate the exchange of people’s experiences.

I strongly believe that if YouTube keeps helping people share their stories – the more we can all understand one another’s challenges and the more we can come together as a global community to solve issues of common interest.

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