Valentine’s day is here! Sorry if you lost your boo and bravo to you who could snatch one – Very smart. Unlike us, you won’t be sleeping and groaning over how lonely you are. Some people are mending up their broken souls, and marriages. This is the time for reconciliation and we were just wondering the most amazing reconciliations that could happen tomorrow and go down in history. From Cameroon, let’s travel the world and see if these miraculous reconciliations could come true.

Government Reinstalls the Internet in West Cameroon.

This will be the greatest reconciliation ever!  This is more than walking into dinner with sweet scented roses all over the floor, beautiful candles, and dim lights, an orchestra and your man by you looking all dapper. All Southern Cameroonians might just as well decide to stay at home and enjoy their long-lost internet. It’s been almost a month of no internet- they might just want to enjoy that moment for fear of the government changing their mind on 15th February. Talk about a dream come true.

Trump Falls in love with International Muslim Community.

How sweet will it be to have Trump make a surprising speech tomorrow, uplifting his ban on the 7 Muslim countries? He’ll begin by saying As-salāmu ʿalaykum (peace be upon you) and later on uplift the ban which got him in almost everyone’s black books. He will make sure he doesn’t apologise for his actions and of course issue out some hideous threats. That’s why he is is Donald Trump.

Britain Decides to Rejoin the European Union

This divorce process which has pulled on longer than we thought has even been more strenuous than being in a relationship with you. At some point, we felt we will be better off without you, but it’s high time we came back home. We just realized how painful this will be on our part, and trust me we are not ready (Theresa May speaking). IFS calculates that there will be around £60bn worth of austerity by 2019-20. Of this £12bn (20 per cent) will be raised from cuts to welfare. Some £16bn (25 percent) will come from tax rises. But almost all the rest – by far the biggest chunk of austerity – will come from slashing spending by Whitehall departments. Who wants to go through this?

Western Countries Decide to Stop Swindling Africa

This is going to be the trillion dollar reconciliation, which will lighten up the continent like a glowing splint. The beginning of a new time when we will stop suffering from the curse of trading with big guns like the United States, Europe, and China. Finally, we will get to know our worth, what we produce, who consumes what, and what is sold. A love relationship which will not be bound by hidden agendas, or clouded with selfish reasons.

Africa is finally going to be free from the hands of its manipulative so-called business partners and investors. A few stomachs and pockets are going to scale down, because of a change in their egocentric behavior.

Of course, most of us can’t dream of any of these happening but it could be an exciting day if just one of these reconciliations made the day’s headline. #BringBackOurInternet, #MakeAmericaGreatAgain #Brexit #FreeAfrica.

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