In the early hours of today, Monday 10th, October 2016, a protest began at the Yaounde general hospital. Kidney patients protested in the Yaounde General Hospital because of inadequate medical care they have received over the past weeks. An act which is a great risk, and scare to their health, and lives.

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According to these patients, out of 20 machines in the hemodialysis centre in the Yaounde General Hospital, only 7 are functional. Which indicates that most of the twenty machines within the hemodialysis centre are currently out of use.

Moreover, the patients also claim the room for the oxygenated water needed for dialysis is also out of use. The forces of law and order had to intervene to help control the situation.

Over the years the Ministry of Public Health has put in some effort to give kidney patients access to hemodialysis in almost all regions in Cameroon. Regardless, these efforts might be in vein if these equipment are not properly taken care of. An act which obviously is the reason behind today’s protest at the Yaounde general hospital.


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