Now, this is what we German speakers call a hot iron, or “Heisses Eisen” 😉

Everybody knows NetanYahoo, I guess. And everybody knew Ariel Sharon (by the way there’s a washing detergent in Germany and Switzerland called “Ariel”…) too. The people who never tire of inventing whatever dangers come from the bad and vengeful Arabs surrounding them.

Vengeful ? Maybe. And … there might be a reason for that.

One has simply to ask why they are vengeful. Maybe because some people long ago decided that they want their own country as predicted by some doubtful scriptures (or wishes) about 600 BC, and they decided to realize that by telling the people who lived there to fuck off or be killed ?

THEN they have a reason to be vengeful.

There are more than millions of delusional minds on that planet who dream of restoring ancient kingdoms or countries which were predicted in religious scriptures and books, dreams of superior races who have a direct connection to some kind of floating spirit lingering above and checking all of our behavior…

Holy shit. Where are our brains ? Do these idiots REALLY believe that crap or are these just visions produced for their ignorant “followers” ? Does Erdogan really think he can restore the Ottoman Empire ? Or Putin the USSR ? Or the US trying to copy the British Empire by immigration of billions of Ronald McDonald’s into all five continents ?

I don’t know. Humans are as stupid as they can get, and Homo Idioticus seems to be the standard, even now in the 21st century.

If they weren’t, they’d have understood that no empire ever lasted, no god has ever decided anything due to a lack of existence, and that planet doesn’t care about all this anyway.

Just getting along the short time you’re able to live. Isn’t that enough ?

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