.  It’s not been up to a month when Mark Zuckerberg’s account was hacked and now it’s Google CEO, Sundar Pichai, in the same mess – all these spearheaded by one group. Pichai was the latest target of Ourmine, the same group that claimed responsibility for hacking into Mark Zuckerberg’s social media accounts and targetting several other Tech Elites and celebrities.

 As Ourmine Hacked Google CEO,  she made several posts to Pichai’s Twitter account, broadcast to his 508,000-plus followers from his Quora account, and claimed to have hacked into both. In his case, access seems to have been gotten through the vulnerability on the question-and-answer website’s end. This is unlike Zuckerberg’s, where entry was gained into his accounts using a password obtained from the massive leak of LinkedIn data.

Ourmine is a three-person hacking team.The hacker group initially wrote ‘hacked’ using the Google CEO’s account. “Hey it’s OurMine, we are just testing your security, please visit OurMine to upgrade it,” it said in later posts.

According to The Next Web, Ourmine claims to have reported this vulnerability to Quora with no response. As at now, Sundar Pichai’s account seems to have been returned to normal.  Quora and Google did not immediately reply to a request for comment.

In private messages sent to Mic, OurMine claims when it first started hacking accounts it would enter, remove private data and store information. Now, in order to promote security and its own service, it has rebranded as a “security group,” and only hacks people by leaving behind a kind public message boosting people to “upgrade” or ask it for help.

“We are just trying to let them know that nobody is safe,” OurMine told Mic. OurMine also has a security check-up plan for social media accounts that people can sign up for $5,000 per scan. The team, however,  tells them whether their accounts are hackable.


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