Cameroonian Techpreneur and startupper Otto Isong, who is the founder of one of the most trusted job boards in Cameroon, has published his very first book Dew of Dawn – a collection of poems. The book was published on Sunday October 16, 2016 and it is available on

Dew of Dawn is a collection of poems touching various elements of the human experience, including relationships, breakup, spiritual awakening, the future, technology, mindfulness. Some narratives evoke deep and unique feelings about certain African cultures, people, and places. And there’s an epic tale – Tata – blending the imagery of ancient folklore and science fiction.

It took Otto Isong over 10 months (from October 2015 to July 2016) to come up with the final product. He tells us how fulfilling this journey has been for him.

“I feel so light. I didn’t expect such a feeling. I was like, it’s been long I felt anything close to this. Bliss!!!! I don’t know if it was because of the book or just my state at this point in time. Truly I feel fulfilled.”

Just like us, you should be wondering how Otto Isong blends poetry and business. He confesses poetry is actually a better place for him to be more creative.


“Some people have wondered if truly I write poetry. The simple answer is – yes I write poetry. You may wonder why someone with a background in finance, technology, and design is getting on with writing poetry. For me, it is all about expression, about creation. The work I do for my startup, is about me expressing myself as someone who understands the Cameroonian tech ecosystem and the needs of the majority of its users. This, to an extent, limits my self-expression. So I look for other avenues of expression. Poetry is one of them” he says.

Still on poetry, he says “In poetry, I am not only a creator, I am the creature. The imagery that fills my mind transforms me as much as I transform them. In writing poetry, I understand deep truths about this universe that no other pursuit has enabled me to. Some of these truths are evident, but because I never had an intuitive feel for them, they were more like a dogma to me. Some aren’t that evident. Those ones are the ones that give me the “wow” moments. Such “wow” moments give me the fulfillment and dose of enthusiasm that revives my whole being and keeps me going. It feels like I am having a totally superhuman experience, my consciousness is so fine-tuned, I feel and see beyond the words and images. I can say poetry is how I found myself.”

We believe this is the beginning of Otto’s literary accomplishments. Otto continues writing new poems and he is working on the novel adaptation of Tata – a series of poems in Dew of Dawn.



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