Using Online Media for Good Elections seminar organised by Hansel Media and funded by Alert Fund for YOUTH activities took place today Saturday the 10th September 2016, at Fakoship Plaza Hall, Buea. This seminar brought together participants media houses, agricultural and charity organisations, press organs, and bloggers community.

The Using Online Media for Good Elections  seminar has as objective to sensitise and orientate  20 young social media practitioners and online media personalities in Cameroon. The importance of the seminar can not be overemphasised considering the fact that youths have a role to play in the electoral process and they are mostly active on Social Media, and the Bloggers and media houses serve as the bridge to provide content for their consumption.

A cross section of the participants

The first presenter, Mr. Nforngwa Eugene drilled the participants on the topic  ‘Media for Political Engagement’. He spent some time to explain what social media is all about and how useful it is to carry out an election process, are  and how they can be useful in ensuring that a good election process is carried.

Social media are computer-mediated online tools that allow people, companies, and other organizations including non-profit organizations, and governments, to create, share, or exchange information, career interests, ideas, and pictures/videos in virtual communities and networks.


Social Media have both good and bad outcomes but the only difference is with the content provided. Mr. Nforngwa advised that bloggers should be wary of how they go about creating and publishing content, mindful of the following:

Ethical issues
Protection of minors/victims
Graphic and explicit content
There are two main characteristics that distinguish social media from any other sort of digital media. These characteristics are the ability to share, network and interaction with user-generated content. Social media has that ultimate power to influence  and help the political atmosphere. Social media tools like facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc, have the potential to positively help in the promotion of good elections using social media engagement.
online media training
Participants at the end of the training with their certificates
Barrister Tambe Tiku then handled the second presentation and explained the 3 components of the electoral cycle:
– Pre-electoral period
– The electoral period
– Post-electoral period
Barrister Tambe presenting
He mentioned that the pre-electoral period is the most important because that’s the point were the elections are either won or lost. On this note, he called on the youths who are very active on social media to make good use of social media and become very involved in the electoral process and be mindful of the slogan ‘my future is in my hands.’






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