It is sad most of us grew up in an age where almost everyone doesn’t give heed to some vital mannerisms anymore. An age where social media has taken over it all, and we have even grown to accept that courtesy is kinda a waste of time. Watching old movies, and listening to stories from the old, you and I have come to notice there were some old-fashioned dating habits which of course are now rare. Those days, men asked women out on a date before days, because they had to prepare for it.

1. Ask someone out on a REAL date.

Instead of calling abruptly, or sending text messages why not meet them face to face and ask for a proper date. Make sure you ask your partner when it’s fine, and convenient to them- don’t just impose. If you have to do it over the phone, then it will be right to make a call days before. Don’t just pick up your phone and be like “meet me here”- that’s rude.

2. Pick up your Date

Don’t wait for her at the venue. It’s really sweet to pick them up right at the door. Call her when you’re outside and tell them you are at the door so she doesn’t get embarrassed when she opens the door.

3. Bring a small gift or flowers.

It’s thoughtful, kind, and a way of showing affection. It’s a nice little gesture to show that you care. Never go empty handed.

4. Dress up for a date

This just means you should look smart, and catchy. Make an effort to look appealing; not that you must appear in a suit. Just wear nice clothes and a good cologne. Well, I don’t know about dressing to impress.

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5. No Phones

Giving our present age, this is the most important of all dating habits which we need to practice. Put your phones away when on a date, except it’s time to take pictures. It’s not the time when you want distractions. Communicate only with the person right before you.

6. Don’t expect sex

A person might flirt with you and may really like you, but that doesn’t mean the two of you will be having sex, so don’t ever assume it. It will happen if and when you are BOTH ready. Always be respectful.

Why don’t we bring back dating habits instead of just going with what people think is right for this age?

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