This year’s edition of the AB Afrikpreneur Awards will hold in July 2019 in the host country, Cameroon. ArreyB Media, the organiser of the awards, has, therefore, opened nominations for the 30 categories it announced on May 10, 2019. Nominations for these awards which began on May 13, will close on May 26, 2019.

The vision is to create a platform to celebrate outstanding entrepreneurs and organisations, provide funding for budding entrepreneurial initiatives, link up to mentors, and create a solid networking platform.

African nations are fast moving from traditional sources of income. Entrepreneurship has, therefore, become a key to economic growth as many youths are beginning to not rely on the government for employment. 

Despite the challenges entrepreneurs face, African entrepreneurs are not giving up the fight against unemployment. While others are making headway, others are joining the journey. As a result, it is necessary to recognise the efforts made by these African entrepreneurs. This is exactly what the AB Afrikpreneur Awards aims to achieve.

Categories for AB Afrikpreneur Awards

About AB Afrikpreneur

AB Afrikpreneur is a project of Arrey Bate Media with the goal to bring entrepreneurs across Africa together and to appreciate their efforts. AB Afrikpreneur has also come to replace ARREYB Entrepreneur Night. As part of its project, the platform will celebrate entrepreneurs in Africa beginning with Cameroon during the first edition of the Afrikpreneur Awards.

The award is part of the grand Afrikpreneur event, including the conference session, cash competition, and other breathtaking activities.

Through these awards, Afrikpreneur will, therefore, celebrate those who have been on the ball and those who cut the mustard in the above fields of expertise in 2019.

A group of entrepreneurship enthusiasts across Cameroon (the host country), put together the 2019 edition of the AB Afrikpreneur Awards.

Nominate Here.

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