Microsoft has decided to kill off the Nokia Lumia line this December and bring forth its Surface Phone into the market. However, Microsoft is continuously dropping the official pricing for its few remaining Lumia-branded smartphones across territories in an attempt to clear stocks.
Nokia Lumia 1520

Well, if you’re a fan of Windows phones in general, and the Nokia Lumia line  in particular, this Microsoft’s recent decision may be disheartening. Nonetheless, according to a new report supposedly from “an employee” at Microsoft, all of these moves make sense as stock-clearing exercises. And why would Microsoft clear the stock for its existing Lumia handsets? To launch new ones, perhaps?

Lumia device sales will end in December. As in, end forever. As in, Lumia will be dead come New Year’s Eve. Presumably, users and fans of the Nokia Lumia line have this question in mind  ”what’s next for Microsoft?” But let me assure you of this, Microsoft is currently working on windows 10 mobile and the surface phone   which she plans to release in early October 2016.

Goodbye Lumia

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