On September 24, 2016, the Noela Lyonga Foundation set out on a hike to the Mount Cameroon Waterfall. The event which commenced at the Bismarck Foundation at 10:12 a.m. had 22 people in attendance.

While at the Bismarck Fountain Buea, the History of the  Noela Lyonga Foundation was presented to all the participants by Ms. Kelly Dipoko. She explained that the Noela Lyonga Foundation was created in 2015 and became legalized in July 2016, with the goal of promoting volunteerism and inspiring youth. She further Emphasized that this noble organization tends to have both short term and long term activities.

The short-term activities involve volunteering for an event for a day or two while the long-term activities are meant for members to work with organizations for a couple of months or years in order to boost and improve their skills while serving the organization.


Noela Lyonga Foundation
Participants at the Bismark Foundation

The Founder of this great organization Ms. Noela Lyonga then narrated how the foundation came about and what inspired her to come out with such a great idea. She acknowledged the fact that she started by first volunteering in organizations after having obtained a Bachelors Degree, in which case she started working as a volunteer in 2016. She worked with Konac, after which she won a scholarship to undertake a post graduate degree.

Her inspiration to come up with the foundation stemmed from the fact that the scholarship panel chose her because she had been volunteering with the community. In order to inspire other youths, she decided to come up with the Noela Lyonga Foundation.  Some questions were later on raised as to why the said founder prefers using her name rather than the name of an association. Her response was, she wanted a forum where people will freely express themselves.

Another topic she brought up was the sale of T-shirts which is meant to raise funds for the Noela Lyonga Foundation Launch. Those interested in marketing these T-shirts were asked to notify the group. Moreover, the marketers will only give back to the organization 50% of the amount.

The group of hikers then left the Bismarck Foundation for the object of their mission. Along the way, a water point was discovered and everyone paused to have a drink. The journey continued up till upper farms where numerous selfies and photos were taken. The hiking later proceeded to the Mount Cameroon Waterfall, which was the final destination. A small well shaped touristic environment it is, though hidden in a reserved and conferred area.

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Noela Lyonga Foundation
Mount Cameroon Waterfall

Just a few minutes after arrival some people washed their faces with the water as instructed by the guard, which is a sign of feeling the new area. Everyone later moved back down to the Bismarck Foundation where they wrapped up the expedition with participants overwhelmed with joy to have had such an opportunity.

By: Nkenglefac Miranda Fotabong

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