Nkosana Mafico, is one of those Africans in the Diaspora, who are giving Africa a different face. He is the founder of The Council for Young Africans Living Abroad; an African youth development organisation. Also, Nkosana  created Shanda, a personal and professional development company that enables him to empower individuals and organisations who aspire to succeed.

On July 30th, Nkosana Mafico had the opportunity to speak at his very first TED event, TEDx UQ. The theme of the event was “ Future Frontiers”. Presenting a talk titled, “The Phenomenal Mindset of Africa’s Future Leaders”, the 22-year-old Zimbabwean-Australian portrayed to the audience, the truth about Africa, its future, and how 70% of its population which is made up of youths, are trying to create a different face of Africa.

At the start of his talk, he introduces himself in the negative way in which the media presents Africa ( a lot of misconceptions and stereotype).

“My name is Nkosana, and I was born in Africa the country. Growing up, I lived in a mud hut, and I even had my own pet line called Simba. I didn’t wear any clothes growing up, just a loin cloth; and because I’m African, I’m of course a really good long-distance runner and basketball player.”

Nkosana’s image of Africa strongly aligns with that of Afro Hustler as explained in The Afro Hustler Concept. In this article, the writer presents Africa as the land of promise, as opposed to the continent full of plagues and all forms of poor living conditions which the western media have consistently chimed.

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