There is a myriad of engaging entertainment content proudly produce by Cameroons young and creative minds. However, many movie enthusiasts do not know where to access them. Nonetheless, Cameroonians have gradually adopted the culture of streaming video content online. NjokaTV is the leading online streaming platform where Cameroonian go to consume entertainment content.

Njoka TV is a proud product of RVL GROUP LTD. RVL GROUP LTD was founded in 2016 by Rofur Mbunkur an all- round entrepreneur. Rofur, a chartered Accountant, an oracle database expert and ardent lover of entrepreneurship. He created this online streaming platform to provide and promote Cameroons entertainment contents.

Cameroon entertainment industry keeps evolving bringing forth new artist and their astounding releases. Most of us haven’t got a clue about new movies and recent trends in Cameroons entertainment ecosystems simply because we’re all just too busy no time to sit down for the conventional TV.

Otto Akama, a software engineer in the silicon mountain of Cameroon has got a crush for original Cameroonian films but the demanding nature of his job doesn’t warrant him to watch the conventional TV.

Otto openly testified to Afrohustler how Njoka streaming platform has tremendously increased his consumption rate of Cameroon entertainment content. Fortunately, this platform helps him stay current with the entertainment industry.

This engineer on a daily basis uses the Njoka TV app to stream Cameroonian entertainment contents such as music videos, short films, series, documentary etc.

Looking at the Cameroon showbiz perspective, online TV is now making it big time with all the recent amplification of the internet industry. Just like Netflix, Njoka TV is a premium brand that is bent to showcase and reward creativity and talent in the entertainment industry of Cameroon.

However, you can access this platform usig your laptop and mobile devices connected to the internet Rofur Mbunkur told Afrohustler. Movie enthusiast requires just a click you will enjoy hours of TV shows, original series, documentaries and featured films, vox pops, web series and music videos.

Why you should stay tuned to NjokaTV

Njoka TV is Cameroons leading online entertainment hub. I say so because this platform brings together high definition content from Cameroons entertainment industry. Do you want to know about the recent release of music and series and short films produced in Cameroon? Signup for  NjokaTV and experience a beautiful sensation of originality in Cameroons premium entertainment content.

The platform partners with movie production studios, filmmakers and a host of entertainment mavens to provide engaging Cameroonian content to its users.

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