Before the massive protest that took place in Buea, the National Chairman Ni John Fru Ndi and the District chairman of the National Democratic Front (SDF) were under hotel arrest at the parliamentary flat Hotel Buea today Monday the 5th of December 2016. Fru Ndi and the SDF parliamentarians  came for the peaceful march in Buea with the anglophone problem being the serious bone of contention. They were held incommunicado by Biya’s forces in their hotel suites.


“Let me die in Buea,” John Fru Ndi throws out excellent speech to thousands of protesters fighting for secession or Federalism on the dialogue table. The people were resolute! Over 5000 Southern Cameroonians, today in Buea refused singing the Cameroun National Anthem. The SDF national chairman declared his full support to the anglophone teachers and lawyers insisting that the Biya regime should not give a deaf ear to the voice of the people.

Mayor Ekema sent thugs to chase away civilians with cutlasses and our sources confirmed that an angry crowd of youths were seen racing to parliamentarian flat to demand the release of the National Chair of the SDF. This move was subdued after the release of  Ni Fru Ndi. These protesters made a u-turn at Bunduma gate upon the arrival of the chairman. Fru Ndi was highly welcome  by the tenacious crowd with welcoming songs such as “papa elay ya ya toh papa elay ya ya toh”


Some protesters were confirmed to have travelled overnight from Kumba, Mamfe and Ekondo Titi to Buea. These angry Southern Cameroonians could be seen singing patriotic songs ”home my home my home when shall I see my home, when shall I see my native land I will never forget my home”. The protesters carried placards  bearing messages such as “we want a two equal state federation or complete independence”


Barrister Njenje Clebert  of the common law lawyers association made a beautiful remark. He talked about the constitution of 18th January 1996 which makes Cameroon a bilingual, bi-jural, and bicultural country. He further assured the people that the lawyers won’t work until the Biya regime calls for a roundtable dialogue to resolve the anglophone problem.


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