It’s difficult to let go of the #bidoungchallenge, but My oh My! Something better is up. English comedian Ngwane Hansel just instituted the #Wirbachallenge, in support of our heroic parliamentarian, Hon. Wirba Joseph.

What’s the #WirbaChallenge

This might be hilarious, but it’s serious. The #wirbachallenge is all about people taking photos of themselves with a finger in the air, and their mouths open. Moreover, your face has to portray some seriousness, anger and frustration. To make it even more interesting, you have to quote a phrase or sentence from Hon. Joseph Wirba’s speech.


Some people are getting this challenge wrong, and calling it a mockery. Of course it’s not! It’s a motion of support for the bold and heroic Joseph Wirba who stood up for Southern (West) Cameroonians in parliament, unlike others who out of fear, selfishness and greed, claim there exist no Anglophone problem.

Giving the recent tragic events in the Anglophone regions of Cameroon, Hon. JOSEPH WIRBA presented in Parliament, a perfect defense for Southern Cameroons which he called West Cameroon in his words “In a nation that you call yours, people can do what has been done to our people in West Cameroon. I call it West Cameroon because you’ll never take it out of our mouths again”.

Oboy Da COmic does the #wirbachallenge

By the way, who thought we will have someone from within hit so hard on this matter. Giving that most head government officials are either sellouts or cowards.

He further went to say “There are two Cameroons that came together. If you are telling us like a state minister stood here last here and told us ,that  what happened in Cameroon is like dropping a few cubes of sugar in a basin of water. Then tell us who is the sugar and who is the water?”

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The #bidoungchallenge was just for fun, and maybe mockery, but this is for bravery and support. Join the #wirbachallenge.


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