Transforming a great story into an engaging movie requires hard work. Making the movie to reach and connect with its audience is different ball game altogether.

According to Ngomba Joan, marketing should be at the center. Most great producers invest time and money producing films. However, the same justice is not done when it comes to marketing. Producers need to understand the mechanics of movie marketing and distribution.

The film industry is a promising and lucrative one. However, the quality and quantity of marketing needed in order deliver pleasing results is hardly ever done by film marketers.

Ngomba Joan is a blogger and an upcoming media mogul. She formerly worked at, a leading Nigerian blog, where she was one of the first hires. She presently runs, an entertainment blog focused on the Cameroonian entertainment industry.

If you’re having fun at an entertainment event in Cameroon, just have a look around, I can guarantee you that Joan Ngomba is around the corner, talking to Stanley Enow, taking a selfie with Davido, or twisting a normally weird scene of stars, into its weirder, gossipy and bloggable version.

“Cameroon’s filmmakers do an excellent job creating great movies but we still lack the necessary marketing skills and muscles needed to promote and distribute these movies’’

Joan Ngomba, Founder & Publisher at Dcodedtv.

As a media maven, Joan holds that Cameroonian Filmmakers shouldn’t relent in their marketing efforts.  However, they can use these incredible ways to market new movies.

The Movie Premier

A well organized and planned movie premier is a good forum to launch a new movie. Such an initiative to showcase your work must be well publicized.

The marketing of your premier event must state the film title, venue, where and how to buy tickets, and official sponsors of the movie. Premiers should be organized in various cities to target different markets.

Billboards, Posters & Flyers

Billboard, posters, and flyers should be considered in your marketing strategy. These conventional marketing tools are great as they create visual awareness in the streets, intrigue audience and keep them in suspense while they wait for the launch date.

Billboards posters and flyers need excellent visuals and only relevant information to communicate the story.  Distributing the digital versions of such marketing communication tools on the various social media organs is a brilliant idea.

It’s imperative that your marketing team target populated areas such as local markets, business avenues to distribute the hard flyers so as to maximize audience reach with minimal effort.

Landing Pages & Blogging

As a PR service provider, Ngomba Joan understands the power of blogging when it to comes pulling web traffic, creating awareness and branding. The blogosphere is a must-use channel when it comes to promoting new movies. A blog gives your audience an opportunity to comment and voice out their opinions on the movie. These comments in themselves can lead to a viral opportunity.

Furthermore, creating a landing page for a new movie before the launch on youtube is a best practice. Wistia is a platform that will effortlessly help you build landing pages in less than no time.

Partner with Industry Influencers

Influencer marketing is an option which mustn’t be left out. Joan’s congeniality and openness to other influencers in the industry help her to promote new movies by convincing socialites with huge followings to tweet, retweet and share new movies on social media.

Industry influencers can do you good when they promote your movie online. With their huge social media following and online presence, just a single tweet can give your content a great reach to the target audience. Sharing on social media by influencers such as actors and actresses gives more credibility to the anticipated movie.

Use Facebook & Instagram Advertising


Your fans are on Facebook and Instagram. A few of them and their friends might follow you and receive your updates, but we all know you want to reach those potential fans who are not your friends and family. That’s where Social Advertising comes in.

To run a successful Social Advertising campaign, you need to do proper planning. You need to have clear goals, clear target audiences and a plan to execute the task. Facebook as several rules on how to use their advertising platform.

One of the key rules is the amount of text on the poster. Any ideas? Okay. This means your movie poster will not be used as the graphic for your Facebook or Instagram Ads.

One best practice is to hire a Digital Advertising Agency like Makonjo Media to handle your advertising campaign and deliver the results your movie needs.

In need of some movie marketing? Contact the Makonjo Media team at


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