The Newsman project of Anjianjei Constantine is a music project that seeks to celebrate everyone involved in the dissemination of information in media industry of Cameroon. This project will identify media personalities such as; journalist, bloggers and TV presenters and celebrate their meaningful contribution to the industry. This project is also designed to address the misperception of newsmen and the ills of journalism practice in 3rd world countries.

Ajianjei Constantine A.K.A #Wams (mrklassick) is a journalist and a professional Cameroonian musician. He is the lead singer of his band called #Roonians. This brand plays contemporary world and Africa music.

“I use music as a subtle way to redefine how ICTs have influenced the practice of info dissemination,” said Anjianjei Constantine. The Newsman project comprises a world class song titled #Newsman.This song is the first official launch of the music career of #Wams on the international scene. Moreover, this project shall be followed by an annual #Newsmanforum that will bring newsmen from around the world together to address contemporary challenges of info dissemination in 3rd world countries.


Facebook: Wams Abima

WhatsApp: 676335224

Instagram: @Wamszik

Twitter: @Wamsbookings

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