a product of Netflix, is an amazing tool that helps you get a handle on the speed of your web connection. This tool enables users to check their internet speed and consumers can use it for greater insight and control of their Internet service., a simple-to-use website to help you see how fast your Internet connection is, whether on mobile or broadband, anywhere in the world.

The platform works similarly to other available tools like, which measures download speed, upload speed, and the time it takes for messages to get back and forth between client and server. It will let you measure your Internet speed on both broadband and mobile connections.

One of the main benefits of is that it can help you figure out who’s the culprit behind that slow, buffering video you want to watch. is easy and convenient to use as a site. You simply go to the URL, and immediately it measures the speed of your connection. It has a simple, white background, and there aren’t any ads–just a small “Powered by Netflix” logo at the bottom.

This tool will give a greater experience to internet users as it enables users to detect their internet speed and give consumers greater insight and control over internet services. Internet users should give  this tool a try.

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