Tell me if you have ever experienced this scenario👇:

Someone DMs you, “Hey sis/bro, I started a new business!”

“Wow, nice–tell me more,” you reply eagerly.

And then they go on to spam your PV and deplete your data with dozens of stock pics and screenshots of products you don’t really care about, saying, “They are very affordable and you know you are my person so please buy.”

After they are done, you either buy the cheapest product they have (while hating them for making you buy something you don’t want)… or you do what I always do–give an excuse to buy next month by when you hope they would have forgotten. 😅

Please, if you intend to start a business–any business–and you are reading this, I want to tell you a painful truth: NOBODY CARES ABOUT YOUR BUSINESS!


Sure, we, your friends care about you as a person and we are happy you took the big step–but that is not enough to make us loyal or repeat customers.

If you want to make us loyal customers you have to answer the question: What’s in it for us? Even before we ask!

Marketers and advertisers understand this very well and use it to their advantage.

They know that you did not buy your smartphone because you love Samsung or Apple. They know you’re not on Facebook because you love Mark Zuckerberg. They know you didn’t buy that expensive shoe last week because you love the seller.

They know you will only buy things after you see what is in it for you. And so they get paid millions to convince people about what’s in it for them.

I doubt you have millions at your disposal, so let’s look at a cheaper way to go about things.

Let’s go back to our example above and imagine our friend is a fashion designer:

“Hey sis/bro, I just started a business!”

“Wow, nice–tell me more,” you reply eagerly.

“Well, I know you are planning to go to Bonteh Digital Media Award show next month, and I have products that can make you the best-dressed person in the room hands down!”

Your eyes light up, “Really?! I want to see all your stuff right away, where do we meet?”

Because (duh!) any thoughtful designer knows that people buy clothes so they can feel their best when they go out.

People don’t buy stuff to “support Africa”, they don’t buy stuff because they are “cheap”, they don’t buy because “we once dated”, they don’t buy to “support their own” (Entertainment industry, I see you😅). They buy because of what’s in it for them.

So the next time you place some random products on our timelines and begin wondering why nobody cares you should know it is because we don’t.

P.S I almost named this post “Why Your Startup Is Doomed to Fail This Year”. This “me me me” form of marketing is rife in Cameroon’s tech landscape. I’ve already said enough about this but if your marketing strategy revolves around telling the world you have the “best algorithms” you are walking down the wrong road. Nuff said. SONANOKE blog still under construction.


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