Natural hair and its stages: awkward stage, this and that stage, whatever stage you’re at, just know you can rock your natural hair in several ways. Most times, you just have to be a lil bit risqué, and go with your guts.

Styling natural hair is one huge problem to many, especially when the hair is short. Even at mid length, we still complain after wearing a puff for ages long. Most people get bored at some point. It’s even more complicated when you have an office job. 

Sadly, the “natural hair is not professional” quote doesn’t only exist in America. I once had an employer (in a micro finance) ask me: “What’s that on your head?” I ignored him and trust me, I only had a 5-month old twa (teeny weeny Afro) perfectly groomed; it wasn’t distracting anybody. Besides, I was only an intern. I stubbornly carried it to work for weeks cuz you can’t tell me nothing about my hair [winks]. 

Aside from natural hair being termed unprofessional, it can be a bit tiring when you haven’t mastered your hair. I understand some people love their hair but just don’t want to deal with it. That’s why there are hair salons. However, some days, you won’t be able to run to a hair salon. Picking up a Bobby pin to switch up a look is something you might want to master. Before you know it, you’ll be doing many fun things with your hair, because… natural hair is fun and versatile.

But hey! Let’s talk about a few natural hairstyles you can wear to work. Hairstyles that’ll turn heads and leave people in awe at your crown.

1. A Puff

Every natural can’t wait to get their hair in a puff. It’s a symbol of growth. It’s also one of those styles you can wear to almost any occasion, and with almost any outfit. 

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2. A Side Puff

Tired of wearing your hair in a puff, switch it up a little bit with a side puff. 

3. A Fro

A power fro never goes out of style. It’s attention-grabbing and also, very easy to achieve.

4. An Updo

Updos or tuck and rolls are extremely creative and can turn natural hair into almost anything. All you need is a comb and pins.

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