Just when you were about getting the most out of your weekends, suddenly it beats down on you that it’s Sunday. That’s the moment you might find yourself scream – Monday Sucks! Leaving from that relaxed environment to a more charged up one is what gives one that ache in the tummy. Even worse if you have some nerve racking employer. Here are a few ways to deal with all that negative vibe, and not have yourself frown each Monday into the office.


  1. Create for Yourself a Routine

Did you just say “I’m in no school”?  Well, that’s the reason schools succeed. Did you know structure gives you more freedom than it restricts? Creating a schedule, routine, or ritual helps you change from the weekend mindset to the mental set needed for the week. It gives your mind and body a chance to create a healthy equilibrium, leading to improved focus, concentration, and a better mood.

  1. Show gratitude for the weekend.

Don’t just grieve over the fact that it’s a new week. Being thankful for all what happened over the weekend, is very satisfactory. Take time to fully appreciate the amazing moments and trust me that gratitude paves a path for you to begin a new week.


  1. Create a detailed to do list.

Personally, I always have a to do list each day. Don’t get to work before thinking of what to do. You can create your to do list at the end of each week, or at the end of the weekend. Write down all of the things you need to complete, whether personal, related to work, related to family, or important for side-projects and hobbies.

That way you easily get pushed out of bed, knowing you’ve got some work waiting for you. Organization eases the mind and keeps you focused on important tasks.

  1. Check in with your feelings.

First of all, no going to work late! If not, you start building up tension for yourself. Create a quiet moment for yourself, when you dive unto your chair. It’s not everyday you’re in so much of a mood to work. Maybe some situation back at home has created a lot of negative energy in you. Just acknowledge how you feel at that moment and try to see how to handle them positively.


Use your mind as a tool to create positive change. It’s completely possible to enjoy your weekend and have a Monday that’s not pure torture. It takes more effort at first, but these new habits will help you ease the transition, and help you sustain your level of motivation



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