Mokate Ashu-Arrey Creates Jongo-Hub Innovation Academy

Mokate Ashu-Arrey Creates Jongo-Hub Innovation Academy
Mokate Ashu-Arrey Creates Jongo-Hub Innovation Academy

Jongo-Hub is the most recent innovation hub in the Silicon Mountain founded by Mokate Ashu-Arrey. This Hub, Innovation Academy is geared at helping entrepreneurs and innovators horn and amplify their digital and business skills needed to survive in such a competitive business environment.

Jongo-Hubs is home to Cameroonian young entrepreneurs who deem to transform innovative ideas into funded startups and multi-billion dollars companies.


Mokate Ashu-Arrey is a social entrepreneur, business development specialist, innovation designer and youth activist. He is the founder of several startups; Living Events,  Co-founder of a tech start-up, Kilimanjaro systems, and Founder of the Jongo Hub.

Ashu is Ashoka Scholar 2016, IYLA Global Ambassador and Board member of the Commonwealth Alliance for Young Entrepreneurs West Africa. His vision is to restore the human dignity through wealth creation projects.

                                             Ashu delivering lectures at the Jongo Hub Academy

”You, however, feel entangled and enslaved by a classical educational system that has taken your mind to a self-condemnation imprisonment. “THEY HAVE GOOD NEWS FOR YOU”.

They are set out to release the next set of African innovators and transformation entrepreneurs, who will distinctively take Africa to the next level. They are creatively destroying an aged old empire of misleading knowledge, breaking chains of slavery and setting free a new set of African Queens and Kings.

That is why at INNOVATION ACADEMY, they are distinguishing you from the rest of the world. They take the time to reorder your thought pattern and resuscitate your spirit of leadership and self-worth.

At the Innovation Academy, they move from the fundamentals of innovation to technology in business, then from design thinking to Business Model Innovation, assist you to specialise in Graphics design, photography, digital marketing, software engineering and programming, Web design, database development and management and a host of technology options.

The Jongo hub staff are very experiential in their learning approach. For the 6 months, you spend with them, every day becomes better with a unique experience. Your learning is guided and accompanied by the finest giants of the industry.

You go above classroom learning to live interactions that make you really professional and outstanding.

To enroll visit the JONGOHUB Innovation Academy or contact Ashu on Facebook @ Gabby Shuman and via the following numbers:

Call +237 233323636 or WhatsApp +237 677517951 or +237 682441602




  1. If the hub is located in Buea then the founder is making a huge business mistake. There we have ActiveSpace and ActiveSpace is not in about 6 regions . Why not establish in one of this regions such that other talents can be promoted or discovered .

    • Hi Louis,
      Your right and you have a point. But what drew my attention is your sentence “The founder is making a huge business mistake”. First of all that’s wrong to say don’t judge or react to issues by your intentions or what you think. The founder has his strategy, his target market and his objectives so is not a mistake for him to set up in Buea. We young Cameroonians should be conscious how we react to things. Your comment It shows immaturity and lack of skill sorry to say. If I were you I will say “Dear founder kindly open a branch of jongo hub in Bafoussam, I will happily be your man on ground to help you set up” By so doing you will engage him, get his attention and establish a long lasting relationship that will go places.

  2. Hey Louis appreciate your contributions towards having a Hub where there is non yet. We definitely will make your dream come true. Will like to talk to you on this matter personally. A lot of factors determine the location of an industry other than an available market. Entrepreneurship today really challenge conventional economic principles. Entrepreneurship today is really disruptive. In Buea we are collaborating to develop a thriving ecosystem. The ecosystem already is experiencing a unified culture. We must stand to ensure that it becomes really successful in yielding quality and high Impact Entrepreneurs in a sustainable way. Buea is just at its very begining of modelling what an entrepreneurship ecosystem should look like. .Lets however talk more. Engage me through whatzapp or through any other Social Media.

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