Almost every startup or small business today has a website where they list their products and services, talk about what they do and why anyone should connect with them. However, consumers are usually more comfortable with getting what they need through a device that’s almost always with them on-the-go (mobile); something many companies fail to implement in their business growth strategy.

In the past few years, we’ve all seen how mobile has overhauled desktop both in search and usage. Small and medium-sized companies have successively been forced to optimize their websites (for those who cared to have one) for the mobile-centric experience and even better, developing mobile applications.

Shoppote is a local commerce startup that makes it easier for customers to discover products around them in local stores via a mobile app. It is also one of the first startups to help other small businesses like itself, gain a credible online presence. That’s just how the mobile world has become.

Some businesses have built their entire brands and operations around the mobile world-GiftedMom while others like eFarmers have understood that the web is not enough, getting a mobile solution is of even higher priority.

It has always been about tracking the customer and when the customer moves from desktop to mobile, you are implicitly probed to dance to the tune of the market. Being mobile-centric is definitely the first step towards acquiring the mobile market for these businesses but the race is not yet over.

A lot of technologies and platforms exist on the ground for mobile-centric businesses and most of them are still emerging – other more advanced marketing technologies for medium-sized businesses are still in the pipeline no doubt. But here are a few of them that can get your business glooming for a start.

Mobile Payment Services

Clients are gradually adopting and switching to mobile payment solutions like Mobile Money, Apple Pay, and Google Wallet. They always want to be able to pay with a simple tap on their mobile device, whether they are in your store or shopping online.

Giving them the power to use their mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) to carry out financial transactions is a plus one to your business and you may not have noticed it. Works like magic all the time.

When startups like Dolly Fast Food make use of mobile marketing, their profits are sure to surge further just like Domino when it launched an app that allows customers to order pizza directly through their phone, they saw a 28% rise in profits within six months. Remember, in the business world, the customer is KING!!!

Mobile Apps

You probably do a lot of things and a majority of those things you do are mobile-related and you should probably get a mobile app for anything mobile-related you do. Small businesses have been slow to build apps for their brands because of the high price tag attached to building mobile applications. That’s changing even faster as there are now a lot of low-cost options that can help them create mobile apps quickly and affordably.

Mobile-Only Apps

The most downloaded apps on the app stores are the ‘mobile-only apps’ (MOAs)- a term that has grown to mean, these apps aren’t available for desktops like Facebook and Twitter but are only available as mobile apps.

Mobile apps like Periscope, Instagram, Snapchat, Whatsapp, and others are swiftly growing in popularity due to their mobile-online availability features. These apps present excitingly new channels for small and large businesses alike to market themselves on.

Any company wishing to reach the top of the business tree should so keep an eye out for such apps and probably if they need to build one, make sure it’s mobile-only friendly.

You must keep up with the trends of the digital world and know how to explore the power of mobile as a marketing channel if your business must advance to a whole new level.


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