The foundation stone of the Mile 17 Motor Park fence projected was laid in the early hours of today by the Mayor of the Buea Rural Council, Mr. Ekema Patrick. The project is estimated to cost about FCFA 40M

The Mile 17 Motor Park is one of the busiest places in the Southwest Capital, Buea, as commuters, traders and drivers converge here on a daily basis. On an average day, one is sure to find hundreds of people coming into town or boarding cars to ferry them to different destinations, while others are permanently stationed there for selling articles and services.


The mayor says the Government wanted to decongest the park by removing it from mile 17 because of the crowded nature of the Mile 17 area  but  he pleaded that he will see into it that things be organized in the area.  He also explained that the demolition of most of the unwanted sheds around the park was in line with the move to achieve orderliness and proper organization around the park.

The mayor is now  working to see to it that a fence is built around the mile 17 motor park so as to reduce the risk of banditry and clandestine vehicles.

mile 17 motor park fence project
Park President: Molar Mwambo laying the foundation stone

The fence project is estimated to cost FCFA 40 million. The council shall provide FCFA 20 million while the other 20 million shall be obtained through other means like  contributions from the park contractors and supervisors all in a bid to ensure the project is realized.

Thus things will be done gradually to ensure that the is security measures in the park with sanitary conditions, like toilettes, be improved upon,  and the police post at mile 17 to go functional again since the are major upcoming events like the female nations cup and others and all in a bid for a good town planning.

Business men and women witnessing the laying of the foundation stone

As for now work is ongoing under the supervision of the deputy mayor for the Buea Rural Council.

Kudos to the mayor for standing up to plead that one of the economic arms of the town of Legendary Hospitality should not be cut off.


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